A lot has changed in cricket since I started my career as a  cricket writer and broadcaster in 1988. I filed my first newspaper report via a telephone ‘coupler’ (Google it) and toured India in 1994 with a mini-printer so I could fax my copy. Radio commentary was often done on a telephone. There were still rest days in Test matches.

I’ve been freelance throughout my life and have written for a great many publications around the world. Radio was my first love, however, and I’m fortunate enough to have done ball-by-ball duties in every Test-playing nation, either for the SABC or the host broadcaster, or both.

I wrote columns and Tour Diaries for Supersport.com for 20 years and they can be read on my website – Manners-on-Cricket.com. I’ve been writing a mostly weekly Newsletter for a few years and, now that I’ve migrated to substack.com, I might even try my hand at a few podcast series I have in mind. Now that I don’t have to rely on faxes and the telephone…    

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