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I've been a cricket fan consuming it on TV and in the stands for as long as I can remember. In the 80s there was nothing cooler than B&H night cricket at Newlands. I don't think it's simply just covid, the form of the Proteas or the glut of T20 or something else, but the amount of cricket I have watched in person and on TV has declined considerably in the past 2/3 years. What's worse is I don't feel like I've been missing out on anything important.

I just don't currently feel interested in the IPL, might follow the play-offs. I'm mostly interested to see how my local ZAR players are performing, but even then I'm not tuning in to see if/when Faf is batting - I'll get some highlights.

Maybe I'm no longer the target market for the game, the people "running the show" don't seem to be doing anything to keep me interested.

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