Hi Andrew,

I'm not even sure it's possible (or even necessary) to 'insist' that players are available for all of their country's international commitments. South Africa have a two-Test 'series' against Bangladesh next as part of their WTC fixtures. It may well clash with The Hundred or even Major League Cricket in the USA. Anrich Nortje and Kagiso Rabada could be offered $200,000 to play in America. (Nortje already has been.) Would it be right/fair to insist that he make himself available for the Tests?

Guys like Davie Miller have undoubtedly been hard-done by in years past but I suspect those days are over now...

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Couldn’t agree more.

Totally comcur.

Am in Aus now and very impressed with their love of so many sports.

( of course they are a wealthy first world country but their passion for many sports equals ours for rugby.).

In cricket, they will be back

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Yes the World has changed Neil. I remember a player whom I know well being declined an NOC to play in 3 separate tournaments not too long ago. Those NOC rejections cost him about R10m in lost revenue. Can players carry on sustaining those kind of financial losses? Every player wants to play for his country, just allow them to play anywhere in the world on the proviso that they must always be available for selection for country first if it clashes with a league. Otherwise pay them the value that they are worth in the leagues around the world and then you won't have any debate about their loyalty (we know this won't happen). But don't blame players when they choose to freelance.

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The World has changed Neil, as you say. But here in SA we are unique---CSA is the Humpy Dumpty here . Bit rough for you to single out Good Ole Dwaine---he is an average top cricketer by World standards.

If I was him I would take the money and run just as Chris Morris has so successfully done--his last IPL year and his richest @ $4 mil and was his worst.

To try and compare SA with Oz, UK and India is just not on. Lets take Faf --naive reports that CSA will still talk to him----he aint listening boykie!

Its time we adapted to "It is what it is!" for us Saffers and it isnt going to change anytime soon.


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